Inaugural Issue


We are delighted to bring to you the first issue of  COMMUNITY COMMUNICATION: A South Asian Journal of Communication for Social Change. 

Vol 1 No 1 (2019)

The peer-reviewed journal seeks to provide an academic platform that not only presents research findings, but will also bring in perspectives of practitioners to help narrow down the yawning gaps between theory and practice. More specifically, the journal will focus on the role of communication in the processes of social change in the politically vibrant and culturally diverse region of South Asia, which continues to grapple with socioeconomic inequalities despite decades of postcolonial efforts at nation-building and development.

This inaugural issue brings to you a curated package of research articles, methodological and conceptual explorations, practitioner voices, and a review essay, mostly from the stable of the UNESCO Chair on Community Media at University of Hyderabad which has been one of the leading centres of higher learning in South Asia with a long track record of work on communication for social change as well as community media. Sanjoy Ganguly’s piece in this volume is a first-person account from an internationally renowned practitioner of forum theatre, a variant of the theatre of the oppressed whose creation is credited to the Brazilian activist, Augusto Boal, who on the lines of Paulo Freire conceived of this form as a ‘pedagogy of the oppressed’.

To be published twice a year – the journal will publish high-quality contributions from scholars and practitioners in the field of communication and social change with a clear focus on the South Asia, while being open to theoretical explorations that have implications for the region.  We specifically invite:

  • Research articles
  • Theoretical essays
  • Review Essays
  • Book/media reviews
  • Commentary and Criticism
  • In-depth interviews
  • Field reflections
Looking forward to a sustained engagement with the theory and practice of social change communication in South Asia through this open-access online journal.